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We offer you a wide range of examinations and treatments in general medicine as well as internal medicine, surgery and individual specialty areas such as dermatology, ear, nose and throat and psychosocial medicine. With profound experience and modern equipment, we offer you comprehensive treatment and care, in the practice and - if medically necessary - also during home visits.



We have an in-house pharmacy and you can order all medication to your home. The easiest way is by email via this link.

Physical examinations


A check-up includes a comprehensive medical history examination, a thorough physical examination and vaccination review as well as a blood check, an ECG (electrocardiograph) and possibly X-rays in order to prevent or detect diseases and illnesses in an early stage. The check-up is completed with a detailed consultation and explanation of the results as well as medical advice.

In principle, a check-up is recommended from the age of 20 onwards. However, depending on the family history or risk factors, I advise to do an earlier check-up.



Comprehensive blood, stool and urine tests.



X-ray of heart/lung and extremities



Among other things, the electrocardiogram provides information about the heart rhythm.


Emergency surgical wound care

Iron infusions


Minor surgical and cosmetic procedures (skin tumors, warts)

Ear irrigation

Psychological counseling

Nutritional counseling

Dementia counseling

Addiction counseling and smoking cessation

Stethoskop auf dem Kardiogramm
Arzt Überprüfung eines Formulars

Health insurance - Family doctor model

Many health insurance providers offer cheaper premiums when choosing a family doctor model. This means that in the event of illness you always consult your family doctor first. Exceptions are emergencies, a visit to the ophthalmologist or gynecologist.

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